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Welcome to Penworks Online Learning

Welcome to Penworks Online Learning

by Dr Pen -
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an orcidThis is a Moodle Sandbox - a site for demoing all the aspects of Moodle to new users.
Testing features and functions for admin and for learning and teaching
Showing tools and features
Showing how to build different kinds of courses
Showing how other content is embedded into Moodle
Showing ways we can engage learners
Showing how the different Moodle online communities support the Moodle ecosphere.

It's fun. That's the main thing.

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Re: Welcome to Penworks Online Learning

by Dr Pen -

Its always a good idea to have a play area, where you can mess about, try things and not care if it goes wrong. No one is watching, or checking if youre doing it 'properly'. It's about discovering who you are as a lecturer in an online context, and building on that.

There are no rules, just good practice you can pick up from others.